What is Flaminger’s main purpose?

This is an application designed to find friends and connect people based on their
hobbies, interesting fields of work, age, location, etc. The main aim is to find new
friends in your area, contact them through our app, and then arrange to meet up in
To make full use of the app, all users must be verified, so you don’t have to have any
qualms about meeting face to face. More information below.

When can I start chatting and inviting people to meet up?

You can start making full use of the app after you fill in the required data in your
profile and verify your identity with a document that you take a photo of and
upload directly in the app. Once we have verified the accuracy of the data, you can
start using the app without restrictions.

Why do we require verification?

Verification is vital to build trust in our community of “flamingos”. We know that it is
difficult to arrange to meet up with strangers online if you are not sure whether
someone is really who they say they are. For this reason, we have decided on a
simple verification step that is mandatory for everyone. The goal is for you to feel
more secure and confident as you look for friends on our app.

Verification is carried out simply for your safety.

What documents can I use for verification?

You can use your identity card, driving license, or passport.
We check the correctness of the data entered during registration – we only verify
your first name, surname, and date of birth, but not your address.

How do we handle personal data?

We store photos of your documents only for as long as is strictly necessary and use
them solely for verification purposes. After successful verification, photos are
automatically deleted from our database within a few days.
For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why is it important to complete your profile?

Prior to verification, you must fill in all mandatory data as this information will help
the app to find the right friends for you based on specific characteristics and
The app then filters other users that you are looking for or who could be of interest to
you (see Flaminger Tip for more details).

Fill in this information with details describing as accurately as possible the
sort of person you are looking for.

Are you looking for men, women or both?

Pay special attention to this point of the registration and truthfully fill in whether you
are looking to be friends with men, women or both. For example, if you are only
looking for female friends, you don’t have to worry that the app will match you with a
You can edit this item later in Profile Settings.

Are you looking for friends for specific hobbies?

You can use our search feature and find users for very specific hobbies.
Are you looking for a new tennis or travel partner? Simply fill in these specific
hobbies when registering: I am looking for friends for…
You can edit or change this information later in Profile Settings.

What is “Flaminger Tip”?

“Flaminger Tip” is our unique search algorithm containing suggestions for people
who are perhaps most likely become your new friends and best fit the person you
are looking for.

How does the “Flaminger Tip” search algorithm work?

Based on the data provided in your profile – hobbies, likes, work and location, we
select the most accurate possible match with new friends. Location always plays a
big role.

Can I run searches with a map?

If you are looking for new friends in a place other than where you live, you can use
our map to search for “Flamingos” around the world.

Where can I find user ratings?

Before meeting someone in person, we recommend always checking their user
rating, which you will find in the form of water drops in their preview or profile detail.

How can I block a user?

If you do not want to continue chatting with a person for any reason, or if they are
bothering you, you can use the Block User function in the chat (the three dots in the
top right corner) to block them.
If you have any further problems, please contact our support team here.

Our recommendations before meeting anyone face to face?

We recommend checking the user’s profile, rating and suggested meeting place. No
users can chat or send invitations unless they have been verified.
Arrange to meet during the day and somewhere that you know or that is in a public

#stay safe

Safety tips

  1. Protect your password and login details – never send your information to others in a chat. Watch out for fraudulent messages soliciting your login details.
  2. Protect your privacy – don’t share too much personal information with people you don’t know, such as your personal identification number (or similar), exact home address, or information about your plans or routine (when you will and will not be at home), etc.
  3. Avoid sending money and sharing financial data – the internet is full of scammers who will want to get hold of money from you in any way they can. Don’t trust people you don’t know.
  4. When you communicate with others, try to stick to our platform. Use other means of communication only when you are sure who the person at the other end is.
  5. Report any suspicious actions or users who breach the terms of use – whether someone is behaving indecently, trying to deceive you, wants you to give away more information than necessary, or is making obscene suggestions, please contact our support.

Meeting in person:

  1. Choose to meet in places that are public (cafes, restaurants) and do not stray from public places.
  2. As a matter of principle, arrange to meet during the day.
  3. Before the date itself, observe the other person for a while and make sure that they match their description/photo.
  4. Let someone know about your plans.
  5. Take care of your personal belongings and don’t let your food or drink out of your sight.
  6. The purpose of the app is to meet new friends. If a date is making you feel uneasy or you feel uncomfortable with someone, leave.