Thank you for your interest in our services. Welcome to our application. This site is operated and managed by Oceanet Ltd, Suite 9, Ansuya Estate, Revolution Avenue, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles (hereinafter also referred to as “the operator”). We provide our clients with services under which we operate Flaminger, an application used to meet new people. The conditions for the provision of our services are published in our application after you click on your personal account in the application.

This document sets out all necessary information related to the processing of personal data in our application, together with basic information about the principles we follow and how we protect the personal data we receive. We trust that this policy will provide you with all the information you need. Please study it carefully.

We have devised this policy to provide you with comprehensive and complete information about what data and personal details we process, collect and store in the course of our activities, and how we handle them. This policy also informs you of your rights. We aim to provide our customers with transparency, especially in the protection of personal data. We strive to make all information clear and understandable. However, if you still find any information lacking, feel free to refer your questions to our support team here (hereinafter also referred to as “Support”). We are ready to attend to you and answer your questions at any time.


1 Basic principles of personal data protection

Because the protection of personal data is important to us, we comply with all of the Czech Republic’s regulations on the protection of personal data, as well as other countries’ regulations that apply to us. In addition, in the processing of personal data, we always make sure to observe the basic principles and all obligations set out in the European GDPR.

All personal data that we process or handle must always be processed in accordance with these basic principles, which have been carefully incorporated into our internal rules and regulations. Their observance by staff and business partners is essential for us. For this reason, all personal data that we obtain must be:

(a) properly processed in a lawful and transparent manner, in such a way as to ensure the security of personal data;

(b) collected in such a way that the reason for collecting it is definite, explicit and legitimate;

(c) adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for the processing thereof;

(d) accurate and, where necessary, updated; imprecise data must be deleted or corrected;

(e) stored in a form that allows for the identification of data only for as long as is necessary for the specified purpose;

(f) protected in an appropriate manner ensuring that personal data is not processed in an unauthorised or illegal manner and is not lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.


2 What data do we collect about you?

2.1.1 Processing on the basis of the law or a contract

If you are our user, customer, prospect, business partner or a person employed by or otherwise cooperating with a business partner, we may process your personal data on the grounds that this is required of us by law or is data that we must have in order to be able to handle, conclude or perform a contract that you have concluded with us, or that you have concluded with one of our business partners. During the installation of the application and its subsequent use, a contract on the provision of services, as defined and described in more detail in the terms of use of the application, is concluded between you and our company.

We process this data mainly to comply with legal obligations or to ensure the functioning of our application. As our application works on the basis of finding and connecting people with similar interests and hobbies, it cannot work as it is meant to and you cannot use it properly unless you provide us with information about yourself.

We divide the data collected into three basic groups:

(a) the data that you have provided to us;

(b) the data we have obtained from other users;

(c) the data we obtain when you use our application.


1. The data that you have provided to us

This is the data that is necessary to create your account and to ensure the proper functioning of the application. Our application can be used in two modes – without verification and with proper verification. Because we are particular about the fact that all of our users must be real people, it is essential to authenticate your identity in order for you to make full use of the application.

When you create an account and register for the first time, we require your basic and login details – first name and surname, email address, application password, date of birth, your location or the place where you want to search for friends, your gender and the preferred gender of the friends you want to search for. After you have set up an account, you will have access to the application’s basic features. You will see other users and they will see you. You will be able to view their profiles and find out their basic information. However, without authentication it is impossible to contact a user and arrange to meet up. THIS MEANS YOU CAN ALWAYS BE SURE THAT A PERSON WHO HAS AGREED TO MEET YOU HAS BEEN MANUALLY CHECKED BY SOMEONE AT OUR COMPANY.

In order for the application to work properly, after creating an account you need to provide additional information about your person, your hobbies, pastimes, location, age, job, etc. After authentication, it is necessary to complete a short questionnaire about your preferences (music, films, series, etc.) in your account. Our application uses a unique algorithm that searches for people who are closest to your chosen criteria and your hobbies. If you do not fill in the questionnaire and basic information, the application cannot work and your profile cannot be authenticated.

The information you write about yourself that is not expressly required by our application is provided voluntarily. By storing it here, you consent to the use of this information to ensure the operation of the application and the use of the services.

For the application to work properly, it is essential that you provide us with at least basic information about your location so that our software can evaluate and find new potential matches in your area according to your specific details. Your exact location will not be shared with other users. They will only see your approximate location. Other users will never see your exact location!

You can also provide us with a profile photo when you create an account. It is not currently possible to share other photos or videos in our app.

In the authentication of your account, it is essential that you provide us with credible evidence that you are indeed you. Authentication is a manual process, so your data is not entered into any records or into the system.

Authentication may be carried out by:

A. inserting a photograph of a state-issued document containing your first name and surname and your date of birth. We recommend covering other data on your document, especially your personal identification number (or similar), signature, insurance number, place of residence, document number, etc., before taking the photo;

B. inserting a photograph of the completed Questionnaire – (download here) and officially verified by a body of state administration – if you do not want to share a photo of your document with us, it is possible to authenticate you by filling in a Questionnaire containing basic information about you and by having it verified by a body of state administration, which will authenticate your signature on the document.

We keep these photos in our database only for the time necessary to authenticate them (i.e. several days). The photos are then deleted from our system completely. We do not pass on the photos to anyone, nor do we share them anywhere.

If you add any content to the application – a rating, comment, communication, or request to meet, information in the form of data is stored in our database. Likewise, if you contact us with any questions or problems, we keep a history of this communication and a history of the handling of the issue so that we can deal with your problem and help to answer your questions.


2. The data we have obtained from other users

In our application, individual users interact and communicate with each other. As part of this interaction, we collect data about you, even if you do not provide it to us directly.

For example, if a user evaluates a meeting or date, blocks another user or writes to us for support, we store this data, which may include your personal information.


3. The data we obtain when you use our application

Because our application is a software program, all of its operations are monitored and stored on our servers in the form of data. In the application, we process data on what features users use, how they use our application, from what device, what they click on in the application, and what interactions they have with other users.

In general, we obtain data about the use of the application, information about the device from which you access our application, information about your network connection, and information about the imaging devices you have in your device (e.g. a camera).

If you give us permission to access or obtain data from your device (e.g. access to the camera or device location), we may also obtain this data.


4. Other information

In addition to these activities, we must also perform the operations of any business, i.e. commercial communications and business negotiations, bookkeeping and billing for services, the protection of our rights and enforcement of our claims, negotiations with public authorities, records of our business partners and customers, records of documentation on individual customers, etc.

The main reason we process data is therefore to provide services in the application you have installed, i.e. to find new potential friends and arrange meetings and dates by using all the features of the application. We may also use your data to further develop the application and its features, evaluate satisfaction, prevent and detect fraud or illegal activity, ensure compliance with the law, and display relevant ads in the application.

We keep this data only for the period for which we need this data or for which we are required to do so by law. Considering the extent of data processing required by law and the contract, it is not realistically possible to summarise all data retention periods in a single public document. However, we have rules on the handling of documentation that are incorporated into internal documentation. If you have any questions about the retention period for a specific document, do not hesitate to contact our Support address with your enquiry and a specification of the document.

As our application works by sharing information that individual users have filled in as part of their profiles, your personal data may be passed on to other users. We share basic information about you with other users, i.e.:

– information about your approximate location;

– your name;

– your age, place of residence, and job;

– your hobbies and pastimes you have filled in, and information about who you are looking for;

– your ratings, as provided by other users;

– other information listed in your profile.

We do not share the data provided in your personal questionnaire with other users.


2.1.2 News by email

If you give us your consent, or if you are our customer and we would like to send you an offer of services similar to those you have already purchased, we may send you news or commercial communications. Such commercial communications may also contain an advertising banner or a link to our business partners.

We will only send commercial communications to your email inbox until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe by informing support of your wish to unsubscribe.

We will not provide your data to any third parties or abroad.


2.1.3 Technical data in the application

Whenever you use applications or other internet services, there is certain information that is almost always created and recorded automatically. The same thing happens when you use our application. When you use our services, we obtain the information, which we collect, store and protect.

Log data – when you use our services, our servers may automatically log data, including information that your device sends when the application is used. This log data may contain your IP address, the date and time of your presence, the way you used the cookie, cookie data, etc. We may also collect your IP address or another identifier of your device as part of the technical data. We may also collect “post” and “get” data, i.e. data that you fill in in the individual forms in the application. After dispatch, this data is essentially stored in a locked archive, where it remains stored and accessible only to the application administrator. We collect this data, among other things, so that, if necessary, we are able to respond to breaches of rules and prevent the use of the application. Generally, we also store log data because this is for the proper functioning of the application. In addition, log data is often used to analyse and fix technical issues that could not be solved without this log. Where possible, data is stored in an anonymised form.

Cookie data – depending on how you access our application and its services, we may use “cookies” (small text files that are sent by your device every time you use our application and that are unique to your account or your device) or similar data. In the use of cookies, we may use “session” cookies, which we process only until you close the application, or “persistent” cookies, which we process until deleted by you or your device. For example, we may use cookies to store your login details or other settings so that you do not have to fill them in each time you visit the application, or to recognise the language you use, etc.

Device information – in addition to the information above, we may also collect information about the device you are using, including the type of device, information about which operating system you are using, the approximate device location (geolocation), device settings, or unique device identifiers. It all depends on what type of device you are using and how it is set up. For example, we have different types of information we can access, depending on whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone. To learn more about what information your device can access, please also check the policies of the manufacturer or provider of your software.


3 What rights do you have as a data subject?

As a data subject, you have rights related to the protection and processing of your personal data by personal data controllers and processors. Any data subject may exercise these rights in compliance with legal requirements. These rights are regulated in particular by Articles 15 to 23 of Chapter III of the GDPR.

As a data subject, you are entitled to exercise the following rights in particular:

(A) the right of access to personal data – you may obtain information and confirmation from us as to whether we process certain personal data about you. We will also provide you, on request, with any additional information not included in this text;

(B) the right to rectification – we always keep all data that we process up-to-date and accurate if you provide us with your cooperation. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if there is any change in your personal data;

(C) the right to erasure – if you believe that the legal requirements for erasure have been met, please feel free to contact us. Please note, however, that we can never delete data that we process by law or that is necessary for us;

(D) the right to restriction of processing – if you believe that we should restrict the processing of personal data and that you meet all legal requirements to exercise this right, please feel free to contact us;

(E) the right to object – if we process your personal data in order to pursue our legitimate interests, you may file an objection to such processing. You will be informed of the processing of your request and of the evaluation of your objection;

(F) the right to withdraw consent – if you have given us consent to process your personal data, you can withdraw such consent at any time.

Our Support team is ready to handle all of your rights and enquiries. We will process your requirements and requests as soon as our technical and administrative capabilities allow.

If you are not satisfied with our activities, we ask that you first contact the authorised person at the above address. However, you still have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly, where you can lodge a complaint.